Das urbane Gartennetzwerk.
The Urban Gardening Network.

The goal of the PflanzMit project is to support the active involvement of the city’s population in the care of urban green spaces. As the center of the project, various services are being developed under a mobile app that supports the citizens of a district in identifying and jointly caring for urban green spaces. Citizens can use PflanzMit to form groups that take on the joint care of one or more urban green spaces. PflanzMit is an open platform where new citizens can join a group for the care of a green space at any time. External users can send feedback and suggestions to the groups at any time via geofencing, QR codes, and a web platform. To support communication, motivation, and knowledge sharing, the platform offers various services, such as plant swap initiatives, automated events, and AI-based recommendations. An open and modern interface allows the system to be extended and other services to be integrated.
Area identification and area search

PflanzMit allows citizens to report potential or existing green spaces. In cooperation with cities and municipalities, areas can be marked as released/approved for use. Within the framework of previously defined conditions of use, users can plant the area without paying. For this purpose, areas can be reported at any time from the app and the coordinates are determined and noted via GPS. Conversely, PflanzMit also allows users to find known urban green spaces using a city map.

Area allocation and group formation

PflanzMit allows users to join individual green spaces and thus form a group of people who join together and exchange information on the maintenance of one or more urban green spaces. A messaging system allows group-related content to be shared.

AI based care support

The app provides support for collaborative urban green care through shared calendars and through tools for sharing and taking ownership, as well as through digital "bulletin boards" within groups.

As additional support to collaborative urban green care, PflanzMit will actively make suggestions to groups about which plantings are most appropriate and which they can improve urban green care. These suggestions will be selected using a modern AI (artificial intelligence) approach and will take into account factors such as climate zone, the behavior of other groups, current weather forecasts, and the location/position of the green space.

Active involvement of the municipal administration if desired
PflanzMit will allow groups to send messages to the local administration such as damage reports and will allow the local administration to respond to these citizen messages. This feature will be available if the relevant local administration can be reached by email and will then provide messages by email, along with a link to a secure web form as a response option. Moreover, through the open interfaces of PflanzMit! a more seamless integration into the systems of the local administration is conceivable and possible.
Virtual planting table: Creative ideas from citizens for citizens
PflanzMit will enable the interaction of all PflanzMit users outside of the groups. Users will be able to document ideas and projects and share them with others (similar to blog posts or Pinterest) - creative ideas from citizens for citizens.
Involvement of external citizens
The app will allow for support in involving new citizens of the district through actions (e.g. Bring your neighborhood to bloom week) as well as through active feedback options. For example, QR codes can be generated and attached to the green space, allowing passers-by to provide feedback and contact groups via a website. Users of the app can identify areas via geofencing and interact with others.
Cross-group boards
With the establishment of cross-group boards, users will be able to interact between groups, thus enabling a swapping platform to exchange plants for urban planting, for example.



Economic prospects of success

The overall system that was implemented in the project PflanzenMit! should be seamlessly continued after the end of the project...
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Overall goal of the project

The aim of the PflanzenMit! is to support the active involvement of the city population in urban green maintenance. As...
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