Economic prospects of success

The overall system that was implemented in the project PflanzenMit! should be seamlessly continued after the end of the project and permanently maintained and expanded. The partners are convinced that PflanzenMit! to an extraordinarily high potential offers an active and activating involvement of the city population in the urban green maintenance. This results in numerous social and societal benefits. The consortium partners are convinced that the app can develop its full potential through the widest possible distribution. In addition, a noticeable increase in the involvement of the city population in urban green maintenance will only occur if it is widespread. For this reason, the app will be made available free of charge after the end of the project and will also include all of the above functions free of charge after the end of the project.

In addition, the partners also see a high potential for successful commercial exploitation in order to ensure the long-term further development of PflanzenMit! after the end of the project without being dependent on funding. For this it is necessary to ensure that the operating and development costs are covered. In order to achieve this, further functions will be added after the end of the project, which can be used as a premium version for an additional charge, such as group surveys, synchronization with task planners such as Microsoft Todo and the integration of external calendars. This combination of a free basic version and an additional premium version (also known as a freemium model) allows for widespread use while at the same time covering costs. The project partners already have extensive experience and can therefore assess the market and the corresponding potential well. For example, Ascora GmbH generates around 62% of its own sales with the production and marketing of B2C apps.

In addition, advertising should also be displayed as required, which can be removed for a small fee. In this context, active partnerships are to be established with regional or national DIY stores and garden centers.

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